In the Spring of 2018, I was contracted through Finger Lakes Community College's Athletic Department to document the process with my drone of the removal of the grass athletic field and the installation of the new athletic turf field.



The project took about 7 Months of shooting. This was followed by about 3 months of editing/post production.



s part of my contract with the College, I created a time-lapse by combining pictures taken from the same GPS coordinates using my drone almost everyday from May 2018 to March 2019 showing the progression of the turf field being installed.

The contractors put the finishing touches on the athletic fields in late March 2019 by adding a wind screen that encompasses the entire surrounding fence. At the College's request, the contractors waited until after the harsh winds and snow of a typical upstate NY winter weather to install the wind screen.


Post production of the time lapse took some time, but I'm happy with the end result.  I brought nearly every photo into Lightroom and cropped each photo to align them properly and applied color correction, if needed. I used Photoshop and Premiere Pro to create the video and apply a couple special effects to it. It is very neat to watch.

The result is below...enjoy!



Shorter time lapse




Also, I put together this time lapse using the same method as mentioned above. The only difference is that this time lapse is about 6 months worth of photos.

This is what the installation of the turf looked like over that 6 month time period.



6 Month time lapse of Turf Field install



And lastly, I took only the best videos and most interesting photos combined them in chronological order to create a documentary video covering the installation process..

(video is about 27 minutes long and is in High Definition. The best part is at the end...)

(Please watch the video in its entirety) 

(Titles have been added to help explain what I was filming)




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